About Bioflow SA

How Bioflow began

It was in 1995 that Nigel Broderick, the inventor of the unique Bioflow magnets first made his discovery, while
working with his fuel saving product for motor vehicles.

He developed the “Central Reverse Polarity Magnet” after one of his staff commented that by keeping the fuel
saver magnet in their pocket in between presenting the product to potential customers for a period of a week, the
pain in their knees had been greatly reduced.

He then worked on a number of designs, which at first were not very effective, until he arranged the poles of
the magnet in such a way that the magnet reproduced the same action of electromagnetic equipment, which
is used so successfully by physiotherapists. He called this design “Central Reverse Polarity”.

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Linda's personal experience:  
dog collar

I have been involved in dog sports for the past 20 years and in 1997, I visited the Crufts dog show in Birmingham, and purchased a Bioflow dog collar for  Jock, my 13 year old border collie, who was suffering with very bad arthritis
in his left hip. He had been on a painkiller every day for the previous 2 years,
and would drag his left leg after getting up for at least 20 paces.
I was very skeptical about the collar, and decided to stop the painkillers the
day I put the Bioflow on so that I was putting the Bioflow to 'the real test'.

In 10 days, Jock was running around with my younger dogs enjoying life again and he would only drag his leg for
a couple of paces. I then purchased another Bioflow for my 15 year old border collie, Susie, who had to be helped  up and down our steps, every time she needed to go outside. Within a month, Susie was able to climb the steps unaided and had a new lease of life. 

She lived to 18 years 4 months and Jock to 17 years and their mobility was still very good for dogs of that age.
Now all my dogs, even the young ones, wear Bioflow collars, as a preventative measure. They compete in dog
agility, so their bones and muscles, are taking more strain than a non working dog. They are all in peak physical
condition and their recovery rate after an agility competition is excellent.  

I also purchased a Bioflow for myself as I was suffering from degeneration of my neck vertebrae. My neck pain and  stiffness improved within 3 weeks and today I enjoy a healthy active life, still competing competitively with my dogs in agility.Many of our friends also purchased Bioflows for their various aches and pains and they all benefited from wearing the product.  In February 2000, my late husband, Hugh and I became the South African distributors for the Bioflow and Ecoflow products, and every month our sales keep increasing, as the products really work and are of such high quality.

As our sales and distributors have increased drastically over the last few years, my brother Dean has also joined our company. Dean runs the marketing and sales, and we are all proud to be associated with the Bioflow and Ecoflow range of products. "

qualifications, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 Our Qualifications

Bio Marketing cc, the South African distributor of Bioflow™ and Ecoflow™ products are an ISO 9001 Registered Firm.

Bio Marketing cc, the South African distributor of Bioflow™ and Ecoflow™ products are an ISO 14001 Registered Firm.


Bio Marketing cc, the South African distributor of Bioflow™ 
products are classified as a Class1 Medical Device.