Bioflow Accessories

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Bioguard / Biophone
These unique products can help to protect you from the potentially harmful effects of electro-radiation.
The Biophone is applied to your mobile or cordless phone and the Bioguard pendant can be worn with a chain
of your choice.

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This uses 6 powerful CRP modules and is easily used on your chair, bed, car seat or even in your pets basket!

boost belt boost buttons vitaflow table vitaflow_fridge

Boost Belts
Providing focused application of magnotherapy where you need it most. The Boost is supplied with 3 versatile
belts and 3 interchangeable twin CRP magnet modules, enabling you to target more than one area of discomfort
at a time.

Boost Buttons
This pack of 4 individual CRP magnetic buttons are ideal for this who want an extra boost of magnotherapy.
Designed to hold to your clothing without assistance, they can be positioned to target any area of discomfort
providing complete flexibility.

Vitaflow Table
An attractive silver finished coaster, enabling you to drink magnetically treated water every day.

Vitaflow Fridge
Enjoy chilled magnetically treated bottled / filtered water. Designed to sit in the door or on the shelf of your fridge.

motoflow          H2 flow   thermoflow
Is a powerful magnetic device that is attached to the fuel supply pipe of your engine and it conditions the fuel as it
passes into an internal combustion engine. It can lead to better combustion, improved fuel consumption and a
cleaner engine.

Is a magnetic conditioner for domestic water systems, helping to reduce and prevent lime scale problems caused by
hard water.

Uses the same technology as Motoflow to condition the fuel of domestic central heating and water boilers - gas or
oil fired. It straps onto the incoming fuel pipe and takes seconds to fit.