1. Which Bioflow product is best for me?

When it comes to choosing the right Bioflow, it is important to note how much pain or discomfort one is suffering from and where it is located.

For serious problems e.g. neck and back pain or severe arthritis throughout the body we recommend the Explorer 2, the Elite products or the Pirouette. These should be worn on the one wrist during the day and swapped to the other wrist at night. All these Bioflows models have strong magnet modules and their design allows for swapping from one hand to the other.

The Duet, Duo, Monet and Classic Bioflows are suggested for moderate problems. The bangles should be kept on
one’s wrist once fitted and not removed. They have been designed to be worn with the magnet modules on the inside of the wrist and can be worn while bathing, showering or swimming.

For really severe conditions, it may be necessary to supplement the magnotherapy treatment by using Boost Buttons, which are applied directly to the point of pain. The Boost belts are also useful to enhance the affect of the wristbands or bracelets healing properties. 

2. Once I start wearing a Bioflow,how long does it take to start working?
This can vary from person to person,obviously, the younger and fitter one is, the sooner one will start to benefit
from wearing your Bioflow. Generally an improvement can be felt after 3 months -for severe conditions this can take
up to 4 months.

3. Any special things I should do once I have purchased my Bioflow?
It is important to realise that the Bioflow product you have purchased will help to improve your circulation and help
correct your Ph balance-in other words it helps to “detoxify” your body.

For this reason it is imperative to drink at least 5 glasses of water a day-water without “hops” or whiskey. 5 glasses
sounds like a lot, but to make it easier, try to drink 2 x 500ml bottles of water (Valpre). These can be refilled with tap
water and drunk. Bioflow helps the cells in the body work more efficiently to get rid of waste products, such as uric
and lactic acid, thus by drinking a reasonable amount of water regularly the healing process is accelerated.

4. How do I wear my Bioflow?
In order to gain the maximum benefit from you Bioflow The magnet module or modules must be on the inside of
one’s wrist with the magnets touching against your pulse. There must not be a gap between the magnets and your
skin. The bracelet models, Duet, Duo and Monet should be worn with the two magnet modules on the inside of the
wrist. The Explorer, Classic, Elite,Finesse and Pirouette models must be worn with the magnet modules on the inside of your wrist  - like wearing a watch the wrong way around! 

5. Are there any side affects from the time I start wearing my Bioflow?
Side affects are generally felt when one first starts wearing a Bioflow-they can vary from person to person-it is
basically your body adjusting to the effect of the magnet. Some people get a “tingling sensation” on the arm on
which the Bioflow is worn for an hour or so. Others feel “light-headed” or experience a headache for a short time.

Most people will experience more pain in the area they are trying to gain relief from-this is a good sign as it shows
that the Bioflow is starting to work.It is important to persevere through this pain-at most, it should last for a couple
of days. Personally, I suffered from “Flu” symptoms, a blocked nose. These side affects are all part of the
detoxification process. 

6. Will one Bioflow be enough?
Generally if you are wearing the correct Bioflow product for your problem, one will be sufficient. However if you
require additional pain relief at the affected area, then I would suggest the Boost Buttons, which are easy to attach
to your clothing and are fitted directly at the point of the body needing the extra magnotherapy. The Boost belt is also
useful as is the Bio pad. One should always wear a wristband or bracelet as this helps to correct and maintain the
correct PH balance in the body.

7. Who cannot wear a Bioflow?
Anyone who has a heart pacemaker or any other implant that could be affected by a strong magnetic field must not
wear a Bioflow. Women during pregnancy should not wear a Bioflow as their body  undergoes a lot of changes during this time. If one is unsure whether a Bioflow will have a detrimental affect on them or not, we recommend they seek medical advice from their medical doctor. 

8. Is there a difference in the strength between the mens and ladies models?
The ladies Bioflow models are generally smaller in diameter compared to the men’s one-much like the difference
between a mens and ladies watch. This does not make it any less effective than the mens version. 

9. What is the Gauss strength of the Bioflow magnets?
Gauss strength is the measurement of magnetic strength. Gauss measurement is based on the lifting power of a
magnet. A field strength in excess of 600 Gauss is needed to bring about a change in blood behaviour, according
to independent research. The National Radiological Protection Board (U.K.) states that the human body can be totally immersed in a static magnetic field of 2000 Gauss for 24 hours a day without harmful effect. The Gauss strength of the Bioflow range of products falls within a range of 1000 and 2000 Gauss.

10. Does the magnet lose any of it’s power over time?
All Bioflow products are manufactured using the highest quality neodymium material charged to our specification.
This ensures that the magnet’s properties are preserved and can operate under various circumstances for a long
period of time. Neodymium is the most suitable material for use in magnotherapy as it is very powerful, while being
small and light. They therefore have a long life span and the retention of their strength will outlive most humans.