Team Bioflow

Many of the worlds top professional golfers wear Bioflows to prevent and assist with pain relief for their various injuries.

Team Bioflow Sport  
Gavan Levenson

Team Bioflow Sport

“The advantages were immediate and I couldn’t believe just how comfortable it is to wear. I am convinced it will be of great benefit”.

Lee Westwood: former World No.1, Ryder Cup player & Multiple European and PGA Tour Winner

Gavan Levenson Team Bioflow Sport

“I cannot speak highly enough of the Bioflow wristband. It has been a great help during a period where I have had a few injury concerns”.

Thomas Aiken
: Spanish Open Champion 2011

Gavan Levenson Team Bioflow Sport

Chris joined the professional ranks after he burst on to the scene finishing in joint fifth position in the 2008 Open Championship and winning the Amateur's Silver Medal.

Chris Wood
: Sir Henry Cotton Rookie Of The Year Award, 2008 Open Championship Amateur's Silver Medal


Many of the top South African professional golfers and other well known South African sports people wear
Bioflows for their various injuries.   
Gavan Levenson

No more joint pain
Since I have been using Bioflow I have had no pains in any of my joints. My circulation has
improved, and my feet no longer swell after long hours of teaching.

Gavan Levenson
: former SA Open Champion, Senior tour player & PGA 'Teacher of the Year' for 2004

Ray Mordt

I have no hesitation in recommending Bioflow to anyone
When I retired in 1985, I was told the osteo-arthritis in my knee was so bad that I would inevitably need a complete knee replacement. However, my Bioflow has stabilised both the knee and my shoulder to such an extent that I can once again do my gym routine absolutely pain free.

Ray Mordt
: Springbok Rugby 1980 - 1985

simon hobday I feel great!

Being over 60 years old, I had come to accept that my back was so stiff in the mornings that I had to have a hot bath followed by an exercise regimen in order to loosen it up enough to allow me to play golf. I had so much pain in my right hip that I could not raise my right knee from a sitting position. I was playing in the Nelson Mandela Invitational at the time and walking 36 holes was agony. A friend suggested Bioflow and since wearing it I have no more pain in my hip and my back's recovery rate has been nothing short of incredible.

Simon Hobday
: former SA Open & US Senior Open Champion

george harvey Bioflow has made a big difference

Many years ago, I broke my left wrist on three separate occasions and experienced severe pain ever since, especially in the cold weather. An old friend of mine suggested that I try the "Bioflow Magnets". To be honest, I did not believe that this would work. However, to my amazement it has made a big difference, to the extent that I am no longer conscious of my wrist when I'm playing golf. I am very happy with this product.

George Harvey
: head coach Ernie Els & Fancourt Foundation

richard lyons I feel 35 again!

If you are over 50, as I am, you will know all about the aches and pains of ageing. I used to have them, too; then I got a Bioflow and they all simply disappeared. I was so impressed I got one for my Rottweiler: now she thinks she's a puppy - and I feel 35 again.

Richard Lyon
: senior pro and 57 year old grandfather of three


Amazing results from Bioflow

As I approached the magical age of 50, I was really looking forward to competing on the Senior Tour, but my plans were dashed by the onset of arthritis in the fingers of my right hand, and in my right shoulder. A year after this started, the pain was so intense that I could no longer hold onto the club at the top of my back swing and on bad days I could hardly close my right hand.
A friend suggested Bioflow and now my right hand is back to normal - and the pain has
disappeared from my shoulder. I can once again play the game I love.

Teddy Webber
: professional golfer and former SA Amateur champion

Ashley Roestoff Past damage undone

Although many club golfers may not real­ize it, the average touring pro has to work quite hard on his game, and for me - not being the biggest guy in the world - hitting balls on the range was essential if I was to stay competitive. Sadly, by 1995 all this work had resulted in tendonitis in my hands and wrists. I tried all kinds of copper bangles but it got so bad that I actually had to restrict my time on the range. A few months ago I tried a Bioflow and within six weeks all the pain was gone. Now I can hit as many balls as I like - and it's all pain free.

Ashley Roestoff
: professional golfer

Denis Hutchinson Give Bioflow a try

When the PGA of South Africa decided to endorse Bioflow products products, Graham Webster, our Chairman persuaded me to try one of the Bracelets. At the time, I had a fat and painful right finger and thought why not? Amazingly, the finger soon cleared up and the added bonus, was the relief I had in my lower back, which I had to treat very gently for many years, to be able to play the game I love. Give Bioflow a try - you won't be sorry.

Denis Hutchinson
: honorary life president of the PGA of South Africa

 Theo Manyama I am happy with my Bioflow

Three weeks before I was due to officiate at The Open Championship, where we normally play
off duty, I started to suffer from a painful elbow in my left arm - it was so bad that a lump had
formed and I was experiencing a lot of pain, which was unpleasant. I was very disappointed as
my chances of playing golf in the UK looked very bleak. One of the pros at a Winter Tour event
heard of my predicament and suggested I try Bioflow. I am very happy to say that in a short
period of wearing the Bioflow, the lump on my left arm disappeared and I am now able to
play golf without any pain.

Theo Manyama
: tournament director of the Sunshine Tour and rules official at major tournaments worldwide

Arnold Geerdts Improved Recovery

I have been using the Bioflow bangle for more than 10 years with great effect. After more than
37 years of competing and running more than 135 000 kays, I still train and race hard. I have
found that the Bioflow has aided me in recovery and in training. I have also used the Boost buttons extensively and can vouch for their effectiveness. Our bodies are amazing things and the Bioflow’s work with your blood, passing through specific fields helps along magnetic induction. Sounds intricate, but all you have to worry about is wearing your bangle or wristband 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It will do the rest. Talk about having a magnetic personality!

Arnold Geerdts
: Sports Presenter

Bobby Donnelly

I am happy with my Bioflow

Since wearing a Bioflow bracelet I have felt that I have an abundance of energy reserves. This is as a result of Bioflow helping to correct the PH imbalances in the body. I seldom feel fatigue even after a good gym session or a hard days bowls. Through constant pressure on the knees during bowling delivery an acute pain had developed in my right knee whilst playing. Bioflow has remedied this problem. In fact since wearing the Bioflow bracelet I have had no muscular or joint pains or stiffness, something which had been my achilles heal for a number of years. I enjoy spicy foods but they did not always agree with me. I have in the past been troubled by constant heart burn after a good meal and a couple of beers. Since wearing Bioflow the heart burn has subsided drastically.

Bobby Donnelly
: Commonwealth Games Lawn Bowls Singles Gold Medal
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