A normal magnet has a North and a South pole. The Bioflow magnet has a unique arrangement of  magnetic poles- North – South – North. The Inventor, Nigel Broderick wanted to mimic the effect or action of a pulsed magnetic field of Electromagnotherapy equipment used so successfully by physiotherapists.

He succeeded in reproducing this in the form of a static magnet-in other words, no power is required and one can gain benefit 24 hours a day. As the iron molecules in your Hemoglobin (blood) pass under the Bioflow magnet, they are subjected to a triple spin which results in an accelerated blood flow.

This improves the blood’s ability to carry larger amounts of oxygen and nutrients as well as waste products by means of a process known as Magnetic Induction. Bioflow’s unique arrangement of poles known as Central Reverse Polarity is patented and helps correct and maintain the right “Ph” balance in the body and improve one’s blood circulation.

The action of the Bioflow magnets help to correct and maintain the right PH balance in the body by helping the cells work more efficiently to get rid of waste products such as lactic and uric acid amongst others and to transport larger amounts of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

The patented Bioflow range is imported from the U.K. where is registered as a Class 1 medical device. It has been proved to be effective by a scientifically reviewed clinical trial, the results of which were published in The British Medical Journal.

The Bioflow products mimic the action of ‘electrically generated magnotherapy equipment’ used so successfully by physiotherapists. What is unique about the Bioflow product is the arrangement of the poles of their magnets. Below one can see the difference between a normal static magnet and the patented ‘Central reverse polarity’ Bioflow magnet.

Blood flow increases immediately as it passes under the magnet-the iron molecules in the hemoglobin(blood) are subjected to a ‘triple spin’ or pulsing effect, resulting in improved circulation and oxygen dispersal.
Bioflow magnotherapy products have been designed to promote and maintain good health through the application of their unique magnetic fields to the blood flow.


As 70 % of the human body consists of water, it is vital that the correct PH balance is maintained. Just like a swimming pool which is lovely and blue-if it rains heavily, this results in the pool going green, as the PH has gone out of balance. Chemicals have to be added to make it blue again and bring the PH back into balance.