Magnetic Horse Boots


Contain two powerful Central Reverse Polarity magnets. Made from a high-performance, breathable neoprene, which allows air in and keeps moisture out.

The CRP magnet modules are bonded into a rubber moulding providing protection for both the modules and the horse and designed to sit near the blood vessels and therefore affect the entire body via the blood flow. The material itself is precision cut to prevent fraying and curling.

Bioflow horse boots are Ideal for general health maintenance, pain relief and well-being. The therapy is applied to the blood flow via arteries in the leg, the magnets do not need to be placed directly over the site of injury or pain.

Large size for horse over 14hh
(Boot size: 27cm long x 32cm wide)

Small size for horse up to 14hh
(Boot size: 20cm long x 30cm wide)



For horses & ponies the boots can be applied, as a pair, to the tendon area either on the front or hind legs. The boots are made from a breathable material, however, to avoid discomfort due to heat build-up and sweat, the boots should be removed and wiped clean every 12 hours or so, they may also be alternated between the front and back legs every 12 hours or so to avoid discomfort.

Where the horse is stabled and carefully monitored, continuous use is acceptable. Always ensure the legs are clean and free of mud etc. The boots may be used when the horse is stabled or turned out but to avoid the possibility of friction sores are not recommended for use during vigorous exercise.

The Boots should be regularly brushed with a soft brush to remove surface dirt. They can also be wash by hand in warm soapy water as required.


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