Magnetic Tendon Wraps


The Bioflow Tendon Wraps are not recommended for constant use, except in the case of chronic lameness where the horse is stabled and carefully monitored. Treatment for twelve hours out of every twenty-four-hour period is usually sufficient.

Position the Tendon Wrap onto the leg to be treated so that the back of the leg lays between the 2 pairs of magnets as illustrated on the packaging. Bandage the tendon wrap securely in place.


The Tendon Wraps can be used singly, but it is recommended that both legs are bandaged to provide support for the uninjured leg.   Always ensure that the legs to be treated are clean and free of any mud, dirt, etc. which may cause a friction sore; likewise, the Bioflow Tendon Wraps should be regularly brushed, with a soft brush, to remove any surface dirt.

The Tendon Wraps can also be safely washed in warm soapy water as required.


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