Here's What Have To Say

I am so pleased with my Bioflow all aches and pains something of the passed. I bought two for another friend and they say all their aches are gone. His wife had terrible pains in her hands and all gone.


I can really recommend the rubber wristband, the flexibility in my hands are much better, and overall much better movement. Thanks again!

Daan Joubert

I personally love bioflow! I use them predominantly on my dogs and cats and I can see the difference it makes especially in winter. All 6 of my old babies wear one.


The Bioflow helps a lot. I am using it now for almost 5 years. It is really effective and helps with body pains. The product is amazing and I also bought for people as presents. Very good for arthritis.

Tufayl Mahomed

As a person suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis, I have found that wearing a Bioflow bracelet has helped me hugely! It has, without a doubt decreased the amount of arthritis in my joints and allows me to operate in a somewhat pain-free way! I highly recommend it!!

Tim (35)

Many Moons ago when I started my golfing career I received a gift that helped me so much with my wellbeing and golf I couldn’t believe it and that gift was a Bioflow bracelet. My joints and hands were so sore because I was hitting so many golf balls and since wearing the Bioflow bracelet it just got better! I received hundreds of compliments about my game and how beautiful the bracelet looks on my arm !!! I never take It off and it never falls off, bends or breaks. Bioflow forever!

Henk Smit